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"Amazing shears and they look so cool they're on fire!!! It started with a black diamond set. One haircut, I was hooked! Now, I have an arsenal of Kamisori shears for every need, size, shape, and style. When my staff and industry friends are looking to invest in themselves and their careers, I tell them Kamisori. I won't cut hair without them. Kamisori shears impress me. Better yet, they impress my clients"

Master stylists and owner of several salons 

Paul Kane

New Jersey, USA


"Kamisori shears are without doubt the smoothest cleanest cutting shear I have ever used, the sharpness is unrivalled."

-Tom Baxter

British Champion Platform Artist

London, England, UK


"I am the hairdresser on the Number One Rated Daytime Show

the "Price is Right".  I have used many expensive shears thru-out the years

as a Hollywood hairdresser. and recently had my favorite shears given
away by My boss right on TV after he cut a womans  long down to her
waist hair for charity. I had no Idea he was going to give them away and
they were my favorite tool, but alas it was for charity.After I got over
the shock of losing my favorite tool I  began the search for other
shears that were as good as the one's I had.I never found any that I
thought would be as good until  I came upon the Kamisori website. I
contacted Zak and told him my story. Not only did I get the most amazing shears
ever (they cut like butter) But dealing with him was such a great
pleasure. I now count him as one of my friends and will probably only use
kamisori's for the rest of my career! Thank you Zak and Thank you for
these amazing Shears they make my Job even better than it already is.
your's truly and in friendship"
Mira Wilder
Hollywood Hairdresser
Los Angeles, California

"I love my Kamisori's Musashi Shears, other brands just don't compare, I am hooked!"
-Gary G"
Celebrity Hair Dresser
Hollywood, California

"Kamisori sizzors are sassy and sharp!!! Truly unique, luv em..
Thanks guys..."
Jimmy Jackson
Platform Hairdresser/Stylist - 20 years experience  

Received my order last week and I gotta let you know I have been a stylist for 16 years and I own 3 pairs of joewell shears, 
some fromms and a few others and I have to admit my new Kamisori shears are by far my new favorite!!  They are so nice 
looking and perform even better, I LOVE THEM!!  I will be back to shop with you, thank you!
-Kathy Boulder

"I wanted to express that I've been high fashion innovative cutting for
16 years.
I've purchased shears as high as 2,500.00.
During a hair show video I used my Kamisori shears and razor as in the
video I'm teaching different techniques.
I had a bad painfull wrist that day and dreaded having to do this but
with these shears I had no tension and they allowed me the flexibility I
needed in order to show my cuts, The Feather Razor is fantastic also.
and I can't forget to mention the other stylist were and models were
all crazy about how beautiful the shears are.
I will be back and you have made a few more customers.
Thank you, for making Beautiful High tech shears at such an affordable
Best Regards'
Abraham K
Master platform Hair Artist
New York

"I was apprehensive about purchasing a pair of shears
online where I wasn't able to feel and see the actual
shear.  However, once I received my new shears my
fears were laid to rest.  These are wonderful
texturizing shears, they cut precisely and have a good
feel to them in your hand.  The box they came in was
gorgeous and it made me feel that I had purchased a
pair of $500.00 shears.  I will buy from Kamisori
Barbie Fowler

"I received the shears yesterday and used them at work. They are amazing! I am so glad I found this site because I probably 
would have spent much more somewhere else.  The shears cut so much smoother. I just love them, thank you so much for all 
of your help. :-)"
Jane Miller

"Hi Jeff,
I used the grooming shears at work today and I went got through in half the time I usually take.  I really like my new 
Kamisori KP-4 and I will be sure to let all my collegues at trade shows I frequent know about your company.  Best wishes 
from Florida."
Kate Jocelin

"I bought the Kamisori straight razor last month and I really love it... it is one hec of a straight! i have dovo's and TI's but my 
Kamisori is my new favorite, fast shipping too.  Just wanted to let you know.  thanks a bunch!"
Jay Hollyfield

"I just wanted to say I just love my new scissors. I have
been grooming for 25 years and have never found sissors that I love as
much as these. I love them so much I have just put a order in for the
curved. Thank You so much for carrying a superb product!"
-Tana Rigets

"I recently purchased 3 pairs of shears from your company. I am very pleased with the quality of these shears especially for 
what they cost. I was so pleased with the service I received with all the great communication. My shears were packaged with 
great care.  I also received them in a very timely manner. Again, Thank you very much for the great service."
Mike Brown

Amazing shears!  I only wish i had found this place earlier, Kamisori shears dont compare even to $300+ geib  and other 
shears!  I have added your store to my favorites and I will be back soon.  BTW, will Kamisori be adding any chunking shears 
anytime soon to its lineup? "
Stacey Kimble

"Well worth the money for my new PALADIN & BLUE BLADE straight razors.  I just want to thank you guys for providing 
such a quality product at such a affordable prices.  If you need my recommendation anytime let me know."
Best Regards,
Kenny Browne

"Thank You SO MUCH Zak, I received the scissors yesterday, they are PERFECT, I just love them, nicely balanced, I own 
many other brands but there is no comparison in the Kamisori quality. I really appreciate all you did to make sure that I got 
what a needed and the service was fantastic.  If there is anyway that I could give you the recommendation, please let me 
Warmest regards,
Anne Yocom

"Great shears and outstanding customer service, thank you!! "
Susanna Alenn

"Hi Jeff, I received my order of cutting shears and my hairdressers absolutely love em, they now want the swivel thinning 
shears in the same style!  Please email me back and let me know if we can set up the same discount for 6 thinning shears."
Kenny Jackson
"Got your shears today. I am really impressed with the quality at such affordable prices.The blades cut so smoothly like 
cutting butter, I LOVE the pretty case. I can't wait to try your texturizing shears! I am so excited!I will recommend my 
colleagues to your products.  "
Best wishes from Arizona.
Sandra Mathers

"Hello, the shears arrived here in Germany fast thank you!!  I am completely satisfied with the quality and I will surely order 
more shears from your company in the near future.  Many dear greetings from Germany."
-Dagmar Schlegel-Norf

"7-year hairdresser, i got say these are the best shears I have ever used.  Thank you for your great price on my hitachi 
sheers, i have spent triple on others!"
Cathy Lou

"THE BEST! customer service beyond compare, quality of shears unbelievable, shop here!"
Vova Berezin
Montreal, Canada

"I just got the scissors in the mail. They are great! Thanks a lot, and I will say my co-workers and colleagues about your 
quality of work and product."

"Shears were perfect and shipping was excellent. I will buy from you again!"
Jimmy H

"Shear" Perfection! The Hitachi is one gorgeous pair and man are they SHARP!!!" thanks again Zack
Abdul Haashimi

"Hi, I just wanted to leave a comment that the order was received today and we now have one happy granddauhter. Thanks 
very much!  I look forward to buying your thinning shears soon."
Anna Gerard Smith
Sydney, Australia

"just wanted to tell you sorry i didnt leave a feedback from my previous buy. my computer died shortly after receiving my 
kamisori grooming thinners and ive been without a comp. since then. anyway... the scissors are INCREDIBLE! at first i was 
worried due to just how light they were but man... iwill NEVER go back to the old ways. i groom ALOT of poodles and since i 
received these shears, my quality &clientle have atleast tripled!! when i return to the states, i will be back for more of 
kamisori that you offer!! sooo..
Alex Waisanen - Sparks, NV

"i just recieved the other pair of these that i ordered from you....Everyone at my salon wants a pair..I will be buying more!"
Nick Williams, New York, New York

"Fourth pair!! Love them, love them, love them!!!! " - n lanette lord

"Fantastic and best scissors I have ever bought. Two thumbs way UP!"
Deborah Procaccini  
Trumbull, CT      

I received my shears yesterday……I LOVE THEM!!!!  They are everything your website says……I’ll definitely be purchasing 
more in the future……..
Appreciating your company in KY!!!"

"Amazing service, and even better products, Thank you."
Alex & Elise Andrews
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"I am a student, and I received a pair of Kamisori shears as a gift. I  
have to say these are not only the best cutting shears I have but they
are by far the nicest looking ones that I own. I have spent a lot of money
on shears for school but these are by far the best. I will be doing
business with you again soon. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!"
Missi Whiteaker, Kentucky

"i love my shears they are great especially the extra razor i love them thank u!!"
-Evelia Galera, Hawaii

"I bought the Kamisori  shears for my daughter in law.  Since their arrival she has called me numerous times and told me how 
great they were.  I will definitely return to your shop for more items"
Clarence J. Whiteaker

"I made a great purchase. My Kamisori Left hand shears are
surgery sharp !,light as a feather and beautifull to look at.I use them
for daily use and my hand fatigue is minimal.I'll be shopping again"
Chris A.

"Fantastic product, very nice service."
Thanks again,
Vladimir and Alla Roubin
New York

"Probably the most comfortable shears I have used!"
Thank You Kamisori.
Jimmy P.

"I have been a hairdresser for over 20 years, bought many shears and spent alot of $$$ over the years.  I gotta say that my 
Kamisori shears are the best scissors I have ever purchased.  I have been using them for over 6 months now and there is no 
sign that i need to re-sharpen,  they still work as good as new.  Thank you Kamisori, very satisified Kamisori user here:D"
Steve Boulderej

hey Zak,

"I received your package very soon yesterday... It was awesome.. the
shears look soooo nice, and I would like to thank you very very very much
for the special present you put into the package to my order!"

"Thank you very much, I will keep in touch and be a future cutomer of

"Have a nice christmas time and nice evening!"

Simone Bretschneider

"I received my shears and embarked upon a brand new journey.  The shears
feel comfortable and my hands without the pain I usually have after a
day of cutting hair.  They are ergonomically sound.  I will certainly
buy my next shears and any others from Kamisori."

Don F.
Chattanooga, Tennessee

"We received your shears today.They are great and my daughter loves them thank you so much. I'm sure we will be buying 
more from you Once again thank-you and HAPPY NEW YEAR Zak oh I almost forgot I just want to thank Zak for your quick 
replys and just taking the time on all my questions, it was very helpful and you made this order very easy and a happy ending 
.thank you again"
Joyce and James Adamo
"I solicited Advice from Groomers on Shears.  I was told
Japaneese Stainless.  I took a chance and ordered shears from you for a
Penny Schubert Grooming Seminar (for Newfoundlands).  Everyone even Penny
thought they were great Shears.  They were very comfortable and very
sharp.  I will definately purchase again."
Ted Meeker

"Awesome customer service!! They shears look and fill great!
I cant wait to use them!! Thanks again :)"

"i am most impressed with my shears, they arrived very quick.
lovely to use"
coral from UK
Coral Green

"I'm a student in cosmetology, and in my senior semester. I
read a lot of reviews before I chose to buy these shears. I just have to
say, they live up to everything people are saying, and they are worth
every penny. Thank you for a great product!"
Melody Noble

"Thank you soo much for these amazing shears!!! I had 2 pairs
of shears to work with before yours and one didnt cut hair it bent it,
and the other pair I was using were old and I had to fight them to
cut.. Now with Kamisori Shears, they do all the work. I love them!!! The
swivel thumb takes some getting used to but I alreay notice a difference
in my thumb and wrist.. I'll be back for more!!! "
ps> I love the free razor too!! Works great!

"It is a pain in the rear trying to find a high quality pair
of left handed scissors.  I've been working for ten years with the
Roseline brand and I have to say, they can't compare to your scissors.  I
recieved them about a week ago and tried them out first on my own
Standard Poodle.  I wish I'd had these when he was showing - they blend
beautifully, are easy to manipulate, and with the slightly blunted tips I
have no worries about any of my canine or feline clients moving on me at
the last second and getting jabbed with a point.  I will purchase from
you again without hesitation.  Thank you!"
Andrea Fikkert

"I received my Kamisori thinning shears and curved shears
today while I was at work. They are FANTASTIC shears! very light and
comfortable in my hand. I am also an x hair stylist and have owned a lot of
shears through out my career. The thinning shears are amazing and my
curves are too. I'm sure we will be doing business again!
Nancy Bird."
Grooming salon manager 
 Calgary, Alberta.

"We received our scissors on 4 July only 8 days after
dispatch We are really delighted. Toronto to Perth Australia is a long way"
Thank you.
Alan Smith

"I did receive my 2nd pair of shears the day after I e-mailed you.  I
like to say that they work great.  I used both pairs on different types
dog coats & they were wonderful.  The brochure helped a great deal in
care of them & tension adjustment.  Thank you so much.  I would
these shears to anyone."
Katie L.
New York

"I just order my shears and WOW what an easy process ... I "tried" ordering from a different site before ....what a mistake!!! 
you guys ROCK!!! I know I'll LOVE my shears." Thanks, Holly

"Scissors very cool looking and really sharp!"
Thank you
Sean. Dover, UK

"i was a bit hesitant to buy a product without trying them
first. they came so quick considering i live in australia, i used my new
scissors for the first time today and they are so smoothe to work with.
im so happy with my new purchase and recomend others to buy as they
are great quality and at a really affordable price.
thanks so much"

"I have purchased several pairs or scissors and am completely
thrilled with the quality. The delivery to me in Australia of these
goods has been very quick I couldn't be happier with the service.
Thanks very much."

"Thank you for your excellent customer service.  I must admit I am
not one to order online, and I was concerned about making a purchase
your company.  You have definately put me at ease and I will tell all
hairdresser friends about you!  Looking forward to doing business with
u in
the future, and thank you for addresing my needs :)"

carrie willocks

"I groom show dogs-English Cocker Spaniels. It was time for a
new pair of shears. I have weakened hands from double tennis elbow and
a back problem. the scissors have to do the work!
I have purchased far more expensive shears, but nothing as nice,
balanced, and clean-cutting as these.Might I add, they are also the prettiest
scissors I have ever used.
I liked them so much, I bought a pair of the thinning shears for a
-Faith Sisk